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our 2 bedroom apartments

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All apartments are equipped with a kitchenette with hob, microwave, sink and fridge, as well as a bathroom and WC.

You also have a bed, desk, armchair, table and chair for your meals, as well as storage.


  • Ground Floor Two-Bedroom Apartment without balcony: € 382 / month / student
    (reserved for scholarship students)
  • Two-Bedroom Floor Apartment without balcony: € 426 / month / student
  • Two-Bedroom Floor Apartment with balcony: € 448 / month / student

The amount of your APL is to be calculated on the amount of the gross rent of the walls (average rent for an apartment is 167 € per person). You will complete and print the housing assistance request directly on the internet upon your arrival at the residence. All requests are then processed by us.

Housing Aid is received by the Residence and deducted from your rent from the second month of rental.


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